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The RE-SET Back2TheGarden Series

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On 8.20.2021 Dr. Carolyn was rushed to the ER. She experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) and pretty much died and was brought back to life. She spent 6 days in the hospital like the 6 days of creation. She was released on the 7th day and started a new life on 8/28. During the hospitalization and encounter with G-d, she had conversations, which includes things He shared with her to tell His people. G-d also revealed a breakthrough formula of renewing the mind and much more. This is a 3 part series, with in depth deep dive about the following: 1. The Hebrew Book of Bereisheet (aka Genesis) Chapters 1,2,3 in great details verse by verse with revelatory meanings about Health, Food, Life, Power & Purpose of a Woman 2. How you can RESET and start a brand new life 3. What G-d says and how to activate your healing and live the life of the Garden and so much more...

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