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Mon, Jul 01


Online Virtual Group Event

21 Day MiNDHealth Bootcamp™️

Over the course of 21 days starting the 1st of July to the 21st of July, Dr. Carolyn will be guiding you through the process of change by focusing on MindHealth™️.

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21 Day MiNDHealth Bootcamp™️
21 Day MiNDHealth Bootcamp™️

Time & Location

Jul 01, 2024, 7:00 PM

Online Virtual Group Event

About the event

The season has change and transformation is in the air. No matter what stage of life you are in, you have a unique purpose that ONLY you alone can fulfill and today we celebrate you as you prepare to make a decision and transform your day at a time.

Butterflies are symbolic creatures that hold different meaning transcending all religion, cultures and spiritualities. Most often the butterfly is associated with endurance, hope, and most importantly CHANGE. The Orange Julia's Butterfly is no different. It's foundation is built on transformation. ....retrieved 21 Jun 2024,

There are about eight (8) different types of butterfly species and it's interesting that the Orange Julia is the only specie that takes 21 days from the Egg Stage to The Chrysalis Stage, and then another 21 days for Adult Stage (butterfly).  None of the stages can be hastened otherwise it will not become an adult butterfly.

The same is true in life. Change is a process, renewing the mind is a process, wellness is a process, weight loss or gain is a process, having healthy relationships is a process, being debt free is a in general is a process.

According to Dr. Caroline Leaf, it takes at least 21 days for a change to begin. If a person would like to change which foot of shoe they put on first each day, it will take 21 days of intentionally putting it on the other foot for a new behavior to begin.

Dr. Carolyn will be taking the Stars (you) on a 21 day MiNDHealth™️ Journey that follows the Orange Julia Butterfly transformation process and The Neuromega Formula™️.

Over the course of 21 days starting the 1st of July to the 21st of July, Dr. Carolyn will be guiding you through the process of change by focusing on MindHealth.

Dr. Carolyn is truly looking forward to this transformational journey.  After her death on August 20, 2021 and her rebirth on August 28, 2021, she took almost three (3) years to recover, to heal, to master her mind, and to trademark The Neuromega Formula™️. 

She's been providing private concierge services to pro athletes, practitioners, professionals and hosting private VIP events and saving lives.  Now, the wait is over, it's time to extend the VIP access to the chosen few such as yourself.  We are excited to share this opportunity with you first before sharing it with the masses.

The MindHealth Bootcamp is limited and we look forward to seeing you online, so register early. 

Do us a favor please: Are you register, please share the event with friends, family and your social media connections, as you might be the key to changing their life.  We've heard so many stories of people browsing social spaces or receiving a phone call, and it was exactly what they were praying for.  You could be the ANSWER to a prayer.  

Dr. Carolyn is a Board Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Medicine Practitioner and focuses on Natural Medicine and MiNDHealth™️. She also have several Doctorate and Master's Degrees, including DMin, Phd, MDiv, DNM, and more...She is not offering any Medical Services to you and is not your Primary Care Physician.  She's offering expertise in MiNDHealth™️ and how to renew the mind, through her life experiences and those of whom followed the process.  Consult your primary care physician if you would like medical advice. 

Thank you and welcome to doing life with us. 

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