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the MEGA Way

Become a STAR 
At our Enterprise our Clients, Coachees, Patients, Families, are called STARS.  We believe that every STAR have the power to shine bright, no matter how dim or dull the situation may seem.
With our STARS in Mind, we designed products, services, and events that are geared towards Health, Finance, Career, Relationships, Faith, Business, and Life in general. 

Through Dr. Carolyn's research and decades of experience, she discovered the breakthrough formula of renewing the mind, transformation and healing 


We can help you manifest the life you envision

Take a tour of our virtual home and invest in what is best for you

We look forward to your Transformation

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“What you reveal you heal,
as exposure brings closure” 

Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson

mindhealth matters

For 21 Days, Dr. Carolyn and her team will host the 21 Day MindHealth Bootcamp, where she will be the LifeCoach guiding the STARS on the Neuromega Formula Journey (the process of renewing the Mind).  Everything in life starts in the Mind, yet it is the most under-researched, mis-understood phenomenon.  This is partly because the Mind cannot be seen. It is a spiritual being, and is very difficult to understand, because no two (2) minds are alike. There are no scans to see the Mind, no medicine to take,  to immunization to available to renew the Mind, UNTIL NOW...the BREAKTHROUGH Neuromega Formula™️.  

What to EXPECT!

21 Days of Mind Renewal Power Sessions with Dr. Carolyn

Learn early what is was like going back to the garden and what really happened with Adam and Eve 

Take control of your Brain and Body

The Orange Julia Butterfly Transformation Process

Be one of the first to know what G-d (The Father) told Dr. Carolyn during their encounter 
What is really mean to GO GREEN 

The 4 Colors primary colors in the Brain and which color is predominant for you

Apply mindfulness strategies  

She will field questions at times from the audience

First to know what the meaning of 2024 and 2025 is

Interviews and access to stories and experiences that are mind amplifying 

Be the first to go through the MIND RENEWAL PROCESS

Learn about Broken Heart Attack

Find out why the Mind is so important it’s connection to the Will of God for your life  

Explore Mental & Emotional Concussions (MEC)

All sessions are recorded, so don't worry if you miss a day

Learn about the three (3) types of Mental Health 

Unexplained illnesses revealed

Early access to her upcoming Memoir (she will reveal the title during the 21 day journey) 

Opportunity to appear on the Dr. Carolyn Show (will be selected from the pool of registrants0 

Learn about shifting your thoughts 

Retrain your brain to remove triggers

Apply mindsets that are right for you 

Heal your mind and body 

Eliminate toxic thoughts and trigger points and much more.., 

August 2021,  Dr. Carolyn was rushed to the ER, NOT ALL THE WAY CONSCIOUS, NOT FULLY IN her RIGHT MIND. She experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) and pretty much died and was brought back to life.  The days in the hospital would forever change her life. Some call it a miracle, others that it's impossible, but she's here to tell the story of using her mind to heal and the revolutionary formula she discovered and amplified during the process.  Read more....


“The Mind is like a gift, unwrap it to see what’s inside” Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson


  1. Make a Decision (Decide it's your time and you're in)

  2. Act on the Decision (Register)

  3. Finish Strong  (Go through the 21 day process)


    Wed, Sep 18
    Location is TBD
    Sep 18, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Location is TBD
    May is Mental Health Awareness month and Dr. Carolyn and the Elite Team kickstart the RESET TOUR and lives are being transformed daily. There will be comedy, music, and life changing keynote message from Dr. Carolyn. Here testimonies about real people who are overcoming DAILY.
You Got This!!

What  is  MindHealth  Coaching?

MindHealth Coaching is basically like Therapy & Counseling, but to a whole new level. The  MiND  controls  the  Brain  and  the  Brain  controls  the  Body, therefore  the  MiND  controls  everything.   Our  services  takes  into  consideration  the  whole  person  (mind  and  body)  

We don't go by just book knowledge but incorporate what we believe is best, which may include, Bio/Neuro Feedback, BrainTap, Talk Therapy, Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, MindMapping, BreathingTherapy, Escape Room, and events for safe space

Coaching  provides  more  flexibility  in  the services  we  provide  since  no  two  (2)  MiNDS  are  alike.  What  may  work  for one  person,  may  not  work  for  another.  Coaching  is  also  very  effective  in  the healing, transformation and restoration process   

With  Coaching  we  have  an abundance  of  different  approaches  that  we  use  to  get  to  the  end  result, such  as Brain-tap,  MindMapping,  Mental  Pulse  Checks,  ejecting  the  pass,  Neuroplasticity  Mindset,  identifying  root  causes,  Mindfullness, Trauma  Talks,  and  so  much  more.  

We  provide  therapeutic  &  counseling  services  from  a  coaching  perspective. All our  services are  built on  the  framework  of  the  MiND  & MiNDSETS.

To schedule an initial consultation, book online
A consultation is required  before booking a session.  

The RESET Tour

A Fundraising Event for Advanced Research in the Mind-Brain-Body Connectivity and Recovery 

2024 WORLD TOUR is here

Dr. Carolyn & The Elite Team will be on TOUR with her CUTTING EDGE Breakthrough Formula

& EVIDENCED based research on the MiND


Join her live at one of the Tour Stops and be one of the first to hear how she used her MiND to HEAL her BRAIN and BODY 

How Death Saved Her LiFE

"The Mind is the Gateway to Health & Prosperity" Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson 


For years the focus has been on the Brain and not much has been researched with proven REULTS about the Mind, until NOW! There's a saying, that the Mind is a terrible thing to waste, and that is so true.

The Mind that cannot be seen is the "key" to living a healthy life and staying sane in a chaotic world.  


"The Mind controls the Brain and the Brain controls the Body, so the Mind controls EVERYTHING!"

Introduction to:

The MiND & Body Connection

The MiND & Mental Wellbeing

The MiND & Covid

The MiND & Diseases

The MiND & Money

The MiND & Memory

The MiND & The New PTSD

The MiND & D.e.a.D

The Mind & P.P.T.S.D

The MiND versus the Brain AND MUCH MORE...

Products & Courses

Garden Path

Featured Product

The re-set back to the garden series 

The Mind controls the brain and the brain controls the body, which means that the Mind really controls everything and it’s in the Mind that the Trauma is housed.


On 8.20.2021 Dr. Carolyn was rushed to the ER. She experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) and pretty much died and was brought back to life. She spent 6 days in the hospital like the 6 days of creation. She was released on the 7th day and started a new life on 8/28.

During the hospitalization and encounter in the Garden of Eden, she got to experience what life would have been like before the fall. She's finally revealing how to activate and LIVE the supernatural Garden life.  She also discovered a breakthrough formula of renewing the mind (Neuomega™️) and much more...

This is a 3 part series, with in depth deep dive about the following:
1. The Hebrew Book of Bereisheet (aka Genesis) Chapters 1,2,3 in great details verse by verse with revelatory meanings about Health, Food, Life, Power & Purpose of a Woman and a Man.
2. The Process of the RESET
3. Activate your healing and live the Reset life

...Get Series Here

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August 2021,  Dr. Carolyn was rushed to the ER, NOT ALL THE WAY CONSCIOUS, NOT FULLY IN her RIGHT MIND. She experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE), she died and was brought back to life. 

The days in the hospital would forever change her life and the story is finally being told.

Some call it a miracle, others that it's impossible, but she's here to tell the story of using her MiND to heal, restore her MEMORY, and the revolutionary formula she discovered, TRADEMARKED and amplified over the last three (3) years.  




Through research, writing, and speaking, Dr. Carolyn has been able to arouse passion in people and empower audiences to take action.  We invite our STARS to join us, as we lead them through her BREAKTHROUGH Formula and Techniques that has raised her from the dead.  The Mind truly is a terrible thing to waste, so don't waste it. Invest in products and services that goes deep into the thought process of Dr. Carolyn's Mind Breaking Strategies. 

Our Thoughts are a Language of the Brain and our Feelings are a Language of the Body


Where most people get stuck is in their thought process.  They want to change, but are thinking about the change.  They want better relationships, debt free strategies, true connection, prosperity and the like, but it remains a thought.  This means it’s all stuck in your head.  No true change will ever happen by thinking about it. Change is doing something about it and this is the connection between Mind and Body.  Let it not just be a thought, or just a feeling, put the two together and use the Transformational Tools at our Enterprise to guide you on the Journey. To create a state of being both Mind and Body must work in concert and ONLY you have the power to create that mindset and allowing us to be a part of the ever evolving you...Continue Reading 

Brain Scan

Signature Product

PTSD versus The New PTSD Course 

The Mind controls the brain and the brain controls the body, which means that the Mind really controls everything and it’s in the Mind that the Trauma is housed. Dr. Carolyn has been studying and implementing her Mind Mapping techniques for a long time and in her most recent Near Death Experience (NDE), she discovered a breakthrough formula of how to renew the mind and heal from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

PTSD versus the New PTSD Course describes the new innovative approach to overcoming trauma, pain, brokenness, emotional concussions and more. This course does not just share about PTSD from a theoretical perspective but from experience.


It is not just the post factors that are causing the problems, it is so much more.  Dr. Carolyn was able to discover a missing element of Trauma that has gone unnoticed for years and finally revealed...Get Course Here




What is the MEGA? 


It's Making Everyday Good Again 

It's being Intentional about making the day good regardless of what happens

It's about loving one's self and not tolerating foolishness

It's about choosing to be happy

It's about shifting the thoughts and shutting down limiting voices

It's about expanding and reaching the highest heights

It's about leading when you don't feel like it

It's about setting boundaries to live a peaceful life

It's about enjoying everyday 

It's about living life fully everyday 

It's about being healthy and overcoming challenges

It's about a state of mind that has to be created 

“The MEGA Mindset is the

key to unlock wealth”

Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson

Dorothy d.

Your post has motivated me to keep taking small efforts toward change . With Dr. Carolyn guiding us, we are MEGA !

Alda S.

I accomplished something today I have been avoiding for awhile!! Because of the anxiety and avoidance I wanted to eat everything in sight but instead I drank a healthy shake!! If nothing else gets done today I feel accomplished!!!!

Sandra D.

You have no idea but you are impacting a nation! Keeping changing forward!


“One cannot conquer that which he or she does not face, go at it head on”

Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson

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Mrs USA Earth Smaller

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“The greatest person on earth is the one that lives his or her life to its fullest potential” 

Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson
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