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The opportunity to speak and share knowledge is one of the greatest gifts one can bestow. As a leading expert in the art of TRANSFORMATION (STAR), Dr. Carolyn understands the impact that writing and knowledge has on a person. When given the opportunity to write and share, it creates room for impact and change. Through research, writing, and speaking, Dr. Carolyn has been able to arouse passion in people and empower the audience to take action.  When people talk about having a voice in the world, they mean having an impact in the world by voicing their thoughts and knowledge in an electrifying way. Making an impact in the lives of others is the greatest gifts Dr. Carolyn can offer.


Our Thoughts are a Language of the Brain and our Feelings are a Language of the Body. Where most people get stuck is in their thought process.  They want to change, but are thinking about the change.  They want better relationships, debt free strategies, true connection, prosperity and the like, but it remains a thought.  This means it’s all stuck in your head.  No true change will ever happen by thinking about it. Change is doing something about it and this is the connection between Mind and Body.  Let it not just be a thought, or just a feeling, put the two together and use the Transformational Tools at our Enterprise to guide you on the Journey. To create a state of being both Mind and Body must work in concert and ONLY you have the power to create that mindset and allowing us to be a part of the ever evolving you.  


We will share information and give you some complimentary organic treats. They’re from the island, so enjoy them.  

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