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The Mind & Your Security System

The Return of "My Mind Matters"

It’s hard to believe that once upon a time people didn’t lock their doors. People felt very secure and neighbors were more like family than just what neighbors are like today. Children respected and looked up to the neighbors and there was a sense of community and oneness. Burglaries were exceptionally rare and if and when they did occur, it wasn’t frightening at all and most still lived with a sense of security and safety. (A portion adopted from John at Daily Inspirations)

Types of security systems

Things have changed. Today, people lock their doors even during the times when they are home. The market for door locks is on a rise, displaying the quality that comes with each one to give you a sense of security. But, locks aren’t usually strong enough and thieves do break-in. So, the next step that must embark on is to install a security system. There are all kinds of security systems. There are some that come with an app on smartphones where you can arm and disarm the system with just a touch of a button. You can see who's going and who's coming even when you're not home. Having a security system gives you the sense that several armed guards are watching your house. Knowing that someone is there to protect you gives you more confidence to sleep at night and to feel secure.

Your life's security system

Just like thieves may break into your home, there are similar thieves that break into your mind. The doorway and the lock system's entry point to your life are entered through your mind. If you leave unlock pathways in your mind, the thief can steal and destroy your life. The mind is a powerful tool and most health problems and life challenges start in the mind through your thoughts. Whatever you think about becomes your reality. You have the power to secure your mind by controlling what you think about. This is not an easy task but by taking simple steps you can secure your system and feel safe again.

Change your mind

According to Dr. Caroline Leaf, your thoughts affect your body and can cause illnesses. She states that "the key to staying positive and out of negative stress is to control your thought life; it is how you think. Research has shown that how you think can affect whether you live or die."

"The emerging fields medical specialties of psychoneuroendocrinology and psychoneuroimmunology are shedding light on how thinking affects stress, the brain, the immune system, and hormones, and how these things determine our psychological and physical well-being." (Leaf, 2016)

Most humans need to feel secure in order to tackle life’s challenges. However, most adults today feel as secure as the flimsy lock on a door. If you want to feel secure again, start by changing your mind by being aware of your thoughts so that you can secure the doorway to your life.

What’s affecting you today? What are you constantly thinking about? What are you focused on? What’s breaking into your life’s security system? Are you ready to upgrade your life’s security system? Here are simple practical tools that I have used as well as those that I’ve used in coaching others to have a more secure life system.

Three (3) Practical Steps that can be used to #upgrade your security system.